Rasberry Pi Arcade Machine with RetroPie and Kodi

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Arcade Rewind Raspberry Pi Top Quality Rewind gaming… Get competitive!

Yours for just $130.00 with FREE DELIVERY TO ALL METRO AUSTRALIA.


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Raspberry Pi ARCADE MACHINE with RetroPie And Kodi Perth

Raspberry Pi arcade machine with Retropie and Kodi Perth

Yours for just $130.00 with FREE DELIVERY TO ALL AUSTRALIA

We all love the idea of owning all the classic consoles, but size and space is always a limiting factor. well not anymore…..

Arcade Rewind is here to help!

You can now own a compact Raspberry Pi Arcade Machine with Retropie! Giving you all the Classic consoles in one fun packed machine!

Arcade Rewind brings you the Raspberry Pi Arcade Machine with Retropie to give you the option to have some classic console gaming in addition to the all out Arcade!

We love our games room, waiting area, garage or even the infamous Man Cave!

Sometimes though the TV in the kids activity, lounge or theatre room is a better fit!

You too can relive Classic console history!

1)  Pre-configured for thousands of popular titles – complete with cover art and game info!

2)  Latest model Raspberry Pi 3 Model B – 1.2Ghz Quad Core, 1GB RAM, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth with Australian Warranty

3)  Raspberry Pi Case – Black

4)  16GB SanDisk MicroSD customised with RetroPie

5)  1080p High Quality HDMI Cable – 1m

6)  2.5A 5.1V Raspberry Pi Power Supply

72x SNES USB Controllers – Fully configured!

Here are the console types in Arcade Rewind’s Raspberry Pi Arcade Machine with Retropie and Kodi

3do 3do 1993
Amiga Amiga 1985
AmstradCPC Amstrad CPC 1984
Apple-II Apple II 1977
Atari-2600 Atari 2600 1977
Atari-5200 Atari 5200, 8 bit 1982
Atari-7800 Atari 7800 1986
Atari-Jaguar Atari Jaguar 1993
Atari-Lynx Atari Lynx 1989
Atari-ST Atari ST, STE, TT, Falcon 1985
Colecovision Colecovision 1982
CoCo Color Computer 1980
Commodore-64 Commodore 64 1982
Dragon-32 Dragon 32 1982
Dreamcast Dreamcast 1998
Game Boy Advance Game Boy Advance 2001
GameCube GameCube 2001
Game Gear Game Gear 1990
Game Boy Game Boy 1989
Game Boy Color Game Boy Color 1998
Genesis-Megadrive Genesis/Megadrive 1988
Intellivision Intellivision 1979
Macintosh Macintosh 1984
Mame MAME 1997
Master-System Master System 1985
MSX MSX 1983
Neo-Geo Neo Geo 1990
Neo-Geo-Pocket Neo Geo Pocket 1998
Neo-Geo-Pocket-Color Neo Geo Pocket Color 1999
Nintendo-64 Nintendo 64 1996
Nintendo-DS Nintendo DS 2004
Nintendo-Entertainment-System Nintendo Entertainment System 1983
Oric Oric 1983
PC PC 1981
PC-Engine-TurboGrafx-16 PC-Engine-TurboGrafx-16 PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 1987
Playstation 1 PlayStation 1 1994
Playstation 2 PlayStation 2 2000
PSP PSP 2004
SAM-coupe SAM Coupé 1989
Sega-32X Sega 32X 1994
Sega-CD Sega CD 1991
Sega-SG-1000 Sega SG-1000 1983
Super Nintendo Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1990
TI-99/4A TI-99/4A 1981
TRS-80 TRS-80 1977
Vectrex Vectrex 1982
Videopac-Odyssey Videopac/Odyssey 2 1983
Virtual-Boy Virtual Boy 1995
Wii Wii 2006
Wonderwan Wonderswan 1999
Wonderwan-Color Wonderswan Color 2000
ZX-Spectrum ZX Spectrum


1 review for Rasberry Pi Arcade Machine with RetroPie and Kodi

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jarrad (verified owner)

    Excellent little machine. Didn;t come with instructions, but goes together pretty easily. I made the mistake of thinking the roms are included. They are not – and despite the passage of time there;s probably some legal reason. My morals are not that high 🙂 After checking a youtube video it turns out all you need to is format a usb stick in your computer. Make a folder called ‘retropie’, and then put it into the raspberrypi. It will make all the necessary folders for you. You then take it back to your computer and move the newly downloaded roms (remember those low morals) into the right folders (you can’t go wrong). Then put it back into the raspberrypi and you are gaming 🙂 A link to a youtube video, or a couple of instructions would be nice for novices like me that didn’t know what they were doing, otherwise I highly recommend this little product. Cheers.

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