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We all love the idea of owing an arcade machine, but size and space is always a limiting factor. Well not any more…..

You can have this compact stylish design Bar Top Arcade Machine with a 60 game Classic or 3500 game! Its design means NO space is taken up in your home, games room, garage or even the infamous Man Cave! Just a small part of the Bar Top!

Yes you too can relive arcade history!

So this amazing Bar Top Arcade machine has the following great features:

Strong 18mm thick cabinet

No Assemble – Just plug in & play

Great games like: Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Frogger etc on 60 in 1!!!

15” or 19″ LCD screen

Cool arcade graphic screen surround

Stereo Speaker

Free Play or coin

Trim edging

High Quality Joysticks and a choice of Classic Arcade Style Buttons or LED Buttons

Everything is easily accessible

24 month warranty

Arcade Rewind 3500 Game Bar Top Arcade Machine

$1,410.00 inc GST

Arcade Rewind 3500 Game Cocktail Arcade Table. Unique graphics and Top Quality

Yours for just $1,410.00 with FREE DELIVERY TO ALL OF AUSTRALIA

Arcade Rewind 60 Game Bar Top Arcade Machines

$750.00$890.00 inc GST

Arcade Rewind 60 Game Cocktail Arcade Table. Unique graphics and Top Quality