Driving Arcade Machines

Back in the 80’s and 90’s the driving arcade machine was starting to emerge and gain popularity. It really went wild when Daytona and Rally hit the scene in the early 90’s.

We all love jumping in the seat and blasting around a few turns on the Daytona oval or jumping through the dirt on Rally. However owning the machine with just a single game and old school unreliable CRT just is not workable.

Arcade Rewind’s 123 game drivers are the answer!

Offering an amazing choice of 123 driving games packed into one fun, reliable and easily maintained machine. Grab a pair of machines to play Daytona or Rally head to head with the other games all being single player or juts buy a single unit for solo fun.
You can have a Sit down machine or Stand up machine

These machines run an LCD screen, Logitech feedback wheel, shifter and pedals to ensure super reliable and longterm fun gaming!

They are full size too with a large “32 screen in the sit down machine!

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