The Arcade Rewind Virtual Pinball is a completely digital Pinball machine, with a screen for the main table it offers all the great fun of a pinball but with WAY MORE options! 

New UPDATE…. Now with Pinup Popper new frontend and new visual video DMD screen, Digital Plunger and nudge/tilt sensor! 

The biggest problem with owning a pinball machine is that you’re always stuck with the one machine. Once you’ve mastered that machine you’ll be longing for more. Well having 1300 tables on our Virtual Pinball fixes that!

Pinball machines don’t come cheap, and they certainly don’t come small. Owning all of your favourite pinball machines isn’t feasible for most…..

Well now you can with a new virtual pinball machine from Arcade Rewind!!

Take you pick from our Artwork choices:

  • Addams Family Pinball(only in full size machines)
  • Avengers Pinball
  • Star Wars Pinball

Our Virtual pinball machines offers multiple tables (over 1300 plus classic and modern tables) at the push of a button.

It’s also a much more reliable option as it doesn’t contain all the mechanical parts of an old style pinball which can fail at any time and are getting more and more expensive to repair!

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