Arcade Rewind 60 Game Barrel Arcade Machine

$1,310.00 in GST

Arcade Rewind 60 in 1 Barrel Arcade Machine. Unique stand up classic gaming with style!

Yours for just $1,310.00 with FREE SHIPPING TO ALL OF AUSTRALIA!



Arcade Rewind 60 Game Barrel Arcade Machine Perth

Yours for just $1,310.00 with FREE SHIPPING TO ALL OF AUSTRALIA! Arcade Rewind 60 Game Barrel Arcade Machine

We all love the idea of owning an arcade machine, but size and space is always a limiting factor. well not anymore…..

Arcade Rewind is here to help!

You can now own a compact(Stand up gaming means no chairs taking up space!) stylish design  Arcade Rewind 60 Game Barrel Arcade Machine/Table with 60 games all in one fun pack machine!

Arcade Rewinds 60 in 1 Barrell Arcade Machine offers a timeless design. Using up very little floor space(coffee table replacement size) in you home, games room, waiting area, garage or even the infamous Man Cave!

Our machines offer hours of endless head to head or solo gaming fun in a great looking piece with unique graphics. It’s so social standing in the games room smashing some games out!

You too can relive Arcade history!

The Arcade Rewind difference:

19′ Gaming Quality Screen, not a standard monitor

Classic style Joysticks

Our glass tops are bolted in place, not loosely clipped

Original Style dished Plastic Arcade Buttons

Arcade Rewind’s amazing Barrel machine has the following great features:

Strong Barrel look thick cabinet

No Assemble – Just plug in & play

60 games in one machine! Great games like: Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Frogger etc!!!

19” LCD screen which the games flip to each player

6mm thick toughen glass table top

Cool arcade graphic table top surround

Coin operated or set to free play

Chrome edging

High Quality Joysticks and Solid Plastic Original style buttons

Adjustable volume Stereo sound

Everything is easily accessible

24 months warranty

Dimension: 97(H)x 69(W)x 73(D) cm

Games include:


Games include:

Space Invaders Pac-Man Gyruss Donkey Kong
Congo Bongo Donkey Kong Junior Galaga 1942
Millipede Centipede Tank Battalion Dig Dug 2
Mappy 1943 Time Pilot Arkanoid

And many more……..push games list


Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 69 × 71 × 97 cm


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