Arcade Tables & Tabletop Arcade Machines

So what is an “Arcade Table“, “Cocktail Arcade Machine” or “Tabletop Arcade Machine” as they are sometimes known….

Tabletop Arcade Machines are usually low in height, have a glass top and are usually rectangular in shape. This design often leads to people placing drinks on the top whilst playing. As such they are commonly referred to as  Arcade Tables, Cocktail Arcade Machines or Tabletop Arcade Machines.

In the early years of Arcade Games manufacturers had not yet figured out dual player gaming, i.e. two player games played with alternate goes. The Cocktail Arcade Machine screen flipped 180 degrees for each players turn, so two players could “battle against each others score” and also heckle their friend or foe!

Arcade Rewind’s Unique Cocktail Arcade Tables

We all love the idea of owning an Arcade Machine, but size and space is always a limiting factor. Well not any more…..
You can have a range of compact, stylishly designed Cocktail Arcade Tables with any where from 60 games up to our top of the range machines that have 4700 games!

Arcade Rewind’s Cocktail Tabletop Arcade Machines offer a timeless design. Using up very little floor space (coffee table replacement size) in your home, games room, garage or even the infamous Man Cave!

Yes, you too can relive arcade history!

  • 60 and 516 game machines:
    There is the good old Head to Head 2 player arcade table, but now instead of just 1 game on 1 Machine you can now Arcade Rewind back in time, having 60 or 516 of the best Arcade Games in 1 Machine!
  • 4700 Single sided games machine:
    Maybe you remember when they got smarter and figured out 2 players at the same time! Upright Arcade Machines added an extra joystick and we could now play together! Taking on each other or the game! Upright Arcade Machines boomed but we’ve harnessed the design theory into our single sided Cocktail Tabletop Arcade Machine. More game options, simultaneous play in side by side action. Oh and there is 4700 games to Arcade Rewind you back to the day in this 1 machine!
  • 4700 Three sided and tilt machines:
    However some games HAVE to be played head to head and with the Arcade Rewind’s range of 3 sided Cocktail Tabletop Arcade Machines you can! So the best of both worlds, side by side dual simultaneous play and head to head in 1 arcade table, all this with 4700 games in 1!

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