Arcade Rewind Super Mini Crane Machine

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Arcade Rewind Super Mini Crane Machine

Lets be honest we all want the full blown arcade at home but size, space and our partners frowns of disapproval are all limiting factors on how much of that arcade we can have. Well not so much anymore…… Arcade Rewind is here to help you squeeze in that next machine.

We know that many of our customers want a claw/crane machine or skill tester for the games room, man cave, pub, bar, hotel etc. However the factors mentioned earlier can really stop you having ALL the fun.

This is where the Arcade Rewind Super Mini Claw crane machine fits in nicely, its compact in width and depth whilst still being a good height at 1680mm, 300mm wide and just 430mm deep or 475mm with rear legs. Those dimensions mean it fits in the smallest of spaces, whilst still fitting in all fun of a claw machine. With its M1 Claw the machine can be pack it full of goodies approx 4.5cm -7.5cm in size, which means small plush toys and kids toys etc can be in there ready to be grabbed! Plus the display window up top means you can show off the prizes for all to see and dream of winning!

The Arcade Rewind Super Mini Crane claw machine:

  • Strong metal cabinet
  • Just attach the topper plug in & play(well you’ll need some prizes in there!)
  • 5mm thick tempered glass
  • Cool arcade graphics on sides and front
  • Coin operated or set to free play
  • Easily adjustable settings
  • Easily adjusted volume control
  • light up Joysticks and buttons
  • anti-theft lock
  • just 77-124w of power usage
  • 24 months parts warranty

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Claw Crane