Arcade Rewind 2100 in 1 Bar Top Arcade Machine Mortal Kombat

$1,200.00 inc GST

Arcade Rewind 2100 in 1 Cocktail Arcade Table. Unique graphics and Top Quality

Yours for just $1,200.00 with FREE DELIVERY TO ALL OF AUSTRALIA


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Arcade Rewind 2100 in 1 Bar Top Arcade Machine Mortal Kombat Cabinet and 19″ Screen

Yours for just $1200.00 with FREE DELIVERY TO ALL AUSTRALIA.

Arcade Rewind 2100 in 1 Bar Top Arcade Machine Mortal Kombat

We all love the idea of owning an arcade machine, but size and space is always a limiting factor. well not anymore…..

Arcade Rewind is here to help!

You can now own a compact stylish design Bar Top Arcade Machine with 2100 games all in one fun pack machine!

Arcade Rewinds 2100 in 1 Bar Top Arcade Machine offers a Compact design. Using up NO floor space in you home, games room, waiting area, garage or even the infamous Man Cave! Just a bit of Bar Top!!

Our machines offer hours of endless head to head or solo gaming fun in a great looking piece with Cool graphics. So much fun in such a small machine!!! Yes wonders do really happen and we are bringing the fun right to your home!

You too can relive Arcade history!

The Arcade Rewind difference:

19″ Gaming Quality Screen – not a standard monitor

High Quality Joystick

Original Style dished Solid Plastic Arcade Buttons

Arcade Rewind’s amazing Cocktail Machine has the following great features:

Strong 18mm thick cabinet

No Assembly Required – Just plug in & play

2100 games in one machine! Great games like: Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Frogger etc!!! Plus the newer stuff like Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Track and Field and Ghost n Goblins!

19” High Quality Gaming LCD screen

Cool arcade graphics on sides

Free Play

Trim edging

High Quality Joystick and  Buttons

Everything is easily accessible

24 months warranty

Games include:

Space Invaders Pac-Man Gyruss Donkey Kong
Congo Bongo Donkey Kong Junior Galaga 1942
Millipede Centipede Tank Battalion Dig Dug 2
Mappy 1943 Time Pilot Arkanoid

And many more……..push games list

Additional information

LED Buttons


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