New Virtual Pinball Arcade Machine Update……

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New Virtual Pinball Arcade Machine

Hey all, Arcade Rewind here with a very big update on our Virtual Pinball Machines.

You might or might not have noticed that over the past year we have updated the Arcade Rewind Full size Virtual Pinball Machine from a 42 inch playfield with no feedback to now a 48.5(49) inch playfield as well as adding solenoid feedback, shaker motor, speaker lighting, table lighting and under table lighting.

Well things just got even better we have upgraded AGAIN! We always like to bring  you the best there is to offer, so here it is.

The New Arcade Rewind Full size Virtual Pinball Machines now come with 1300 tables running on a Pinup Popper frontend, this gives you far more options and way more tables. PLUS the new system runs video in the Back Glass and now  has a Colour video DMD display.

There is so much going for the Arcade Rewind Virtual Pinball  as it is all digital(with a little feedback) this means no more getting feed up playing ONLY one pinball table, no expensive/time consuming repairs and maintenance that stop you playing. You can just enjoy the choice of tables and spend your time playing the machine!


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Call us to discuss your new machine requirements 1300272233. Arcade Rewind 1300 Table Virtual Pinball "49 Screen for sale Sydney