How To Throw Your Own Arcade Tournament

Ready, set GO! Let the games begin. Everyone loves a little friendly competition, and what better way to stimulate the competitive spirit than to organise an arcade tournament in Perth.

An arcade tournament is a fantastic way to draw people into your store, raise awareness for your local business, generate new sales, increase positive brand association and to simply make your team members a whole lot happier. Our team had extra fun while coming up with our tips of how to host an arcade tournament, Arcade Rewind style:

Be sure to plan…way ahead

We are talking at least 4 weeks in advance. Use this time to consider your event title, rules, types of games, format, pricing (if you are going to make this ticketed), prizes and the registration process. Typically, there are two ways to run a tournament. It can be a rolling high score competition or a dedicated tournament period. Choose which format is best for you. Finally, we recommend that you have an online registration process to monitor numbers. The last thing you need to do is manage a spreadsheet, or to keep track of attendees using a notepad.

Get the word out

After doing all the prep for your tournament, you want the turnout to match the occasion. Here are a few tips you may want to consider:

  • Sending emails out to past or present clients
  • Creating a Facebook event
  • Run regular social media posts to create buzz
  • Set up a landing page on your website specifically dedicated to this event
  • Advertise in local community groups on Facebook
  • Tap into the local gaming community
  • Put up a pull up banner if your business has a shopfront
  • Leave flyers at local restaurants, businesses or community centres
  • Ask your staff members to share the content on their personal channels too
  • Some of our past customers have created healthy competitions within their teams for who can bring the most attendees!

The actual running of the arcade tournament

Ensure everyone is on the same page on the day. Rules need to be clear, and you need to communicate these through signage and displays. It’s also important to keep an eye on who comes in, and ensure they have registered. We recommend that you have a welcome host whose primary responsibility is to greet people as they walk in.
Try to make your event as much of a celebratory atmosphere as you can. Bring in some snacks, have drinks and encourage people to have a great time whether they’re participating or just watching the action.
Finally, be sure to document the event to use as content for the future.

What should you do after the arcade tournament?

It’s important to share photos on social media, and to provide a recap through a newsletter. This is your chance to thank everyone who attended, thank you suppliers and of course, your team. Get testimonials from winners, and create excitement for future events.

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Best Arcade Bars Around the World

Gamers far-and-wide: it’s time to assemble. There is nothing quite as fantastic as pairing nostalgic games with drinks. This has been the case for decades. At some point in history, a genius individual had an ah-ha moment, and thought, ‘why not both?’. Voila, arcade bars were born. At Arcade Rewind, we have curated a fun-list of the best arcade bars around the globe. Let’s go!

New York – Barcade

For those fellow arcade loving game-nerds out there like us, you are in for a treat. For one thing, coining a name like Barcade is phenomenal in itself. This amazing bar has since expanded to New Jersey, Connecticut and Philadelphia. You can book a party here, order Barcade merc and have the best drinks on tap. You can peep their games on hand here.

London – Loading

From having Xbox Ones, PlayStation 4s, Nintendo Switches, SNES Minis, and over 60 board games – you’ll never want to leave Loading. Also, there are also multiple copies of some of their games, so you won’t necessarily have to wait your turn to play what you want. That is definitely a win!

Thailand – Game Over Lounge

Let’s take our arcade gaming travels to Asia, where you’ll likely find us in Game Over Lounge, Thailand. This bar boasts three different gaming consoles (a PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Xbox One to be specific,) multiple computer stations, a pool table, beer pong and for those who want a break from the virtual world, they have board games too.

Melbourne – Bartronica

Bartronica, situated in Melbourne, is an arcade bar on the bustling Flinders Lane. This place brings in a melting pot of nostalgia, great drinks, delicious food and of course, irreplaceable company. Bartronica has an extensive collection of vintage games from various eras. We are talking classics like Pac Man, Space Invaders, Tetris and even Street Fighter II along with Mortal Kombat III.

Paris – Meltdown

Also known as “Le Melt,” the Meltdown Bar in Paris, France is where the locals go to blow off some steam. For those living in Paris, or those there for a holiday, enjoy a suite of video games like Mario, Street Fighter, along with ESport games. If you are lucky, you might be able to go to one of their themed nights that focuses on a particular game or activity, like karaoke or a quiz night.

Toronto – TILT

When in Canada, pop into TILT, an arcade bar that has a little bit of everything. You have your classic arcade and pinball games, but then there’s also games like Skee-Ball, foosball, or air hockey. You’ll be happy to know that TILT has over 50 vintage arcade games! Now that’s music to our ears. On top of that, they have consoles like Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Switch, Sega Master System and Super Nintendo.

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Iconic Movies of the 70s

Ahhh the 70s… a time where flare pants were all the rage and your coolness was measured by the size of your hair tease. We adore the 70s, as it’s the era where Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever and The Godfather were all released. It’s also an era that saw a wave of activism with the likes of Mother Teresa and Harvey Milk.

Of course, we cannot forget the evolution of the disco scene, the pop culture obsession with circular sunglasses and tie-dye clothing, and with everything sprinkled with glitter. We could go on forever. When it comes to the movies of the 70s, we spend all day diving into our favourite blasts from the past. So, in the spirit of nostalgia, we are going to explore the 7 most iconic movies of the 70s. Let us know if we missed your favourite.

#1 The First Star Wars Film (1977)

May the force be with you. Did you know that the iconic Star Wars legacy was launched in the 70s? Star Wars became the biggest hit of the decade, and launched the most successful sci-fi franchise the world has ever seen. It is in this first movie that we meet a young Luke Skywalker, as he is thrust into the struggle of the Rebel Alliance, after a chance meeting with Obi-Wan Kenobi. The duo set sights on a daring mission to rescue Princess Leia, and rid the galaxy of the evil Empire. If you know anyone obsessed with the Star Wars franchise, perhaps you’d like to gift to them our 3500 Game Upright Arcade Machine with an epic star wars casing!

#2 Taxi Driver (1976)

Taxi Driver sealed the deal for Martin Scorsese’s reputation. It also propelled Robert De Niro as the decade’s preeminent method actor. De Niro even lost 35 pounds for his role. Taxi Driver perfectly captured a decaying New York City as it teetered on the edge of bankruptcy. Furthermore, Jodie Foster and Robert De Niro were both nominated for an Oscar for their roles in the film.

#3 The Godfather (1972)

The Godfather is arguably not just the greatest movie of the 1970s, it’s considered the greatest of all time — at least according to Time magazine, the American Film Institute and a slew of other accolade lists. The movie even bagged three Oscar wins. The story revolves around the Corleone family, who are led by the family patriarch Vito Corleone, played by Marlon Brando.

#4 Saturday Night Fever (1978)

Anxious about his future after high school, a 19-year-old Italian-American from Brooklyn tries to escape the harsh reality of his bleak family life by dominating the dance floor at the local disco. This movie started a wave for the 70s, and defined a new direction for fashion and style.

#5 Jaws (1975)

Steven Spielberg’s man-eating fish tale changed Hollywood forever, and changed how we swam in the ocean. The fear was ignited with just two notes (you know the two). Jaws ended up raking over $100 million, and before the release of Star Wars, it was set to be the highest grossing film of the decade.

#6 Rocky (1976)

Today, there are many sequels that have teared down from the original. It is easy to forget that the original Rocky film was released in 1976. It blended character drama with boxing, focusing on a working-class ambitious kid who just wanted to go the distance, win or lose. Sylvester Stallone’s down-to-earth screenplay and relatable performance left a legacy that is remembered to this day.

#7 Grease (1978)

From friendships, romances and adventures of a group of high school kids in the 1950s. We are talking about Grease. It is the most successful movie musical of all time, where a wholesome exchange student, and a leather-clad John Travolta have a summer romance.

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All the Arcade Games Played in Stranger Things

Whether it’s getting lost in the Upside Down dimension, obsessing over Dungeons and Dragons, or experiencing the warm and fuzzies over the brotherly bond between Steve Harrington and Dustin Henderson; we are sure you haven’t missed a single nail-biting scene of the latest season of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

We love Stranger Things for so many reasons. It’s a chance for us to delve into an 80s small town atmosphere, with a few sprinkles of a Stephen King inspired novel – add in a few demogorgons, and voila, your Friday night is made.

Stranger Things is a hit of nostalgia for many whose childhood mirrored similar scenes, particularly the town’s Palace Arcade, where the kids spend their spare time playing various video games. In the spirit of fonder times, here are the primary arcade games featured on the show.

Dragon’s Lair

Let’s rewind to the night of 29th October 1984. This was the night Mike, Dustin, Will and Lucas went to The Palace Arcade, and they played a game of Dragon’s Lair. Dustin was the one who took the wheel, while the rest watched eagerly. Even though Dustin tried his hardest to defeat the dragon, he ultimately lost – getting killed by dragon fire. As Lucas boasted his high score on the game, Dustin countered that he still had top scores on Centipede and Dig Dug. However, the arcade’s employee, Keith, overheard their conversation and noted that his top scores were topped by someone named ‘Mad-Max’.

Dig Dug

If you recall, Lucas deceived Max into thinking that the Dig Dug arcade cabinet was out of order and brought her to a separate room. It is here where he revealed the mysterious events that transpired the previous year, regarding Hawkins Lab and Eleven, in a way to apologise for why his friends were excluding her. Dig Dug is a maze action game, with the protagonist of the game called Dig Dug, whose task it is to eliminate all the enemies within a level in order to proceed. You can play Dig Dug on our 516 Game Cocktail Arcade Machine.


The game in which Dustin was dethroned in, Centipede. In this particular arcade game, your goal is to shoot all of the segments of the centipede that crawls all around the screen by using the bug blaster to shoot darts, while being on the lookout for other insects that can hurt the bug blaster. The game also gives you opportunities to earn additional points.


Controlling a starship, you as the player will be tasked with destroying the Galaga forces in each stage while avoiding enemies and projectiles. Some enemies can capture a player’s ship via a tractor beam, which can be rescued to transform the player into a “dual fighter” with additional firepower.


In the game of Asteroids, your primary objective is to shoot and destroy asteroids and flying saucers. You have to do this without colliding with either or being hit by the saucers during a counter fire. The game increases in difficulty as the number of asteroids goes up. This game is a prime example of how sometimes the best approach is indeed the simplest and least complicated. Shop our 3500 Game Upright Arcade Machine with the Asteroids cabinet style.
Arcade games in Stranger Things - Asteroids


Another game featured in the Palace Arcade is Tempest. At the time, Tempest was the stepping stone into the world of 3D gaming. In the game, you are on a playing field instead of a vertical or a horizontal one. Tempest has players blasting away geometric enemies, climbing down variously shaped tunnels.

Pac-Man and Miss Pac-Man

Would we really be in the 80s if there wasn’t at least one Pac-Man game? Pac-Man is so iconic, it left its mark on pop culture, and has been around since season one. It’s a simple game that features a small set of convoluted corridors, players take control of Pac-Man with the objective being to eat all the gold coins within that level. Pac-Man had to avoid the different ghosts, but can attack them temporarily after consuming an energiser. Shop our 60 Game Upright Arcade Machines with your choice of Pac-man or Ms Pac-man cabinet styles!
Arcade games in Stranger Things - Pac-man

Pinball Games

We couldn’t ever leave a pinball machine or two off the list. Even though there aren’t any distinct scenes with our favourite characters playing these games, it can definitely be seen in the background. Are you even in the 80s if you don’t see at least one pinball machine? Shop our range of pinball machines here.
Arcade games in Stranger Things - Pinball

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