All the Arcade Games Played in Stranger Things

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Whether it’s getting lost in the Upside Down dimension, obsessing over Dungeons and Dragons, or experiencing the warm and fuzzies over the brotherly bond between Steve Harrington and Dustin Henderson; we are sure you haven’t missed a single nail-biting scene of the latest season of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

We love Stranger Things for so many reasons. It’s a chance for us to delve into an 80s small town atmosphere, with a few sprinkles of a Stephen King inspired novel – add in a few demogorgons, and voila, your Friday night is made.

Stranger Things is a hit of nostalgia for many whose childhood mirrored similar scenes, particularly the town’s Palace Arcade, where the kids spend their spare time playing various video games. In the spirit of fonder times, here are the primary arcade games featured on the show.

Dragon’s Lair

Let’s rewind to the night of 29th October 1984. This was the night Mike, Dustin, Will and Lucas went to The Palace Arcade, and they played a game of Dragon’s Lair. Dustin was the one who took the wheel, while the rest watched eagerly. Even though Dustin tried his hardest to defeat the dragon, he ultimately lost – getting killed by dragon fire. As Lucas boasted his high score on the game, Dustin countered that he still had top scores on Centipede and Dig Dug. However, the arcade’s employee, Keith, overheard their conversation and noted that his top scores were topped by someone named ‘Mad-Max’.

Dig Dug

If you recall, Lucas deceived Max into thinking that the Dig Dug arcade cabinet was out of order and brought her to a separate room. It is here where he revealed the mysterious events that transpired the previous year, regarding Hawkins Lab and Eleven, in a way to apologise for why his friends were excluding her. Dig Dug is a maze action game, with the protagonist of the game called Dig Dug, whose task it is to eliminate all the enemies within a level in order to proceed. You can play Dig Dug on our 516 Game Cocktail Arcade Machine.


The game in which Dustin was dethroned in, Centipede. In this particular arcade game, your goal is to shoot all of the segments of the centipede that crawls all around the screen by using the bug blaster to shoot darts, while being on the lookout for other insects that can hurt the bug blaster. The game also gives you opportunities to earn additional points.


Controlling a starship, you as the player will be tasked with destroying the Galaga forces in each stage while avoiding enemies and projectiles. Some enemies can capture a player’s ship via a tractor beam, which can be rescued to transform the player into a “dual fighter” with additional firepower.


In the game of Asteroids, your primary objective is to shoot and destroy asteroids and flying saucers. You have to do this without colliding with either or being hit by the saucers during a counter fire. The game increases in difficulty as the number of asteroids goes up. This game is a prime example of how sometimes the best approach is indeed the simplest and least complicated. Shop our 3500 Game Upright Arcade Machine with the Asteroids cabinet style.
Arcade games in Stranger Things - Asteroids


Another game featured in the Palace Arcade is Tempest. At the time, Tempest was the stepping stone into the world of 3D gaming. In the game, you are on a playing field instead of a vertical or a horizontal one. Tempest has players blasting away geometric enemies, climbing down variously shaped tunnels.

Pac-Man and Miss Pac-Man

Would we really be in the 80s if there wasn’t at least one Pac-Man game? Pac-Man is so iconic, it left its mark on pop culture, and has been around since season one. It’s a simple game that features a small set of convoluted corridors, players take control of Pac-Man with the objective being to eat all the gold coins within that level. Pac-Man had to avoid the different ghosts, but can attack them temporarily after consuming an energiser. Shop our 60 Game Upright Arcade Machines with your choice of Pac-man or Ms Pac-man cabinet styles!
Arcade games in Stranger Things - Pac-man

Pinball Games

We couldn’t ever leave a pinball machine or two off the list. Even though there aren’t any distinct scenes with our favourite characters playing these games, it can definitely be seen in the background. Are you even in the 80s if you don’t see at least one pinball machine? Shop our range of pinball machines here.
Arcade games in Stranger Things - Pinball

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