The Benefits of Arcade Games in the Workplace

The Benefits of Arcade Games in the Workplace thumbnail

Let’s bring some fun back into the workplace with some good old fashioned gaming. Who’s with us? Arcade games can be an incredible addition to any mine-site, office space, warehouse or commercial premises. There are plenty of benefits of arcade games in the workplace. Let’s explore a few of our favourite reasons your place of work should consider a gamer’s touch.

Get cracking on the team building

Some of the greatest friendships are fostered over a shared sense of nostalgia, wouldn’t you agree? Play games from a fonder time, while solidifying important team relationships. Having a bit of fun in the workplace is a fantastic way to increase team building and communication. It can also be a way to add enjoyment to your employee’s working day. Before you know it, people will be chatting away over their favourite arcade machines. This is only the beginning of the best inter-departmental friendships.

Foster a sense of competitiveness

No one is going to say no to a little healthy competition, right? Employees thrive with competition, whether it’s competing for a promotion or being involved in new job opportunities. A handful of arcade machines is an excellent way to incorporate the same spirit, in a friendly way, to your workplace. Competitiveness is an incredible cornerstone attribute to a good team culture.

It allows the team to relax and unwind

Blow off some steam after the launch of a huge project, or simply at clock-off hour on Fridays. Nothing beats a sense of nostalgia, paired with quality time with your project team or your colleagues, to relax and unwind. Work can be tough at the best of times, and stress has a knock on impact on performance. Adding fun activities and taking breaks will relieve the tension and will act as the perfect distraction.

It can help boost innovation and productivity

Having arcade games at work gives employees a chance to take a step back from a challenging task, refresh their minds and gain a new perspective. It stimulates their creative side, and can offer a breakthrough with any mental barriers. We have heard how some of our customers have seen their team develop some of the most innovative ideas, thanks to a fun outlet like having arcade machines.

Helps your team members learn skills

There are countless studies that have been conducted that prove arcade games can build up skills over time. In fact, we are talking about improved reaction time, reflexes, multitasking and many more mental based skills. This will help employees in their job as it will mean they are more on the ball, and are excellent problem solvers.

Are you ready to elevate your workplace with an arcade machine? Then get in touch with our team today. We can help you elevate your mine-site, office space, warehouse or industrial premises with the joy of arcade gaming. Speak to us today!