New Virtual Pinball Arcade Machine Update……

New Virtual Pinball Arcade Machine

Hey all, Arcade Rewind here with a very big update on our Virtual Pinball Machines.

You might or might not have noticed that over the past year we have updated the Arcade Rewind Full size Virtual Pinball Machine from a 42 inch playfield with no feedback to now a 48.5(49) inch playfield as well as adding solenoid feedback, shaker motor, speaker lighting, table lighting and under table lighting.

Well things just got even better we have upgraded AGAIN! We always like to bring  you the best there is to offer, so here it is.

The New Arcade Rewind Full size Virtual Pinball Machines now come with 1300 tables running on a Pinup Popper frontend, this gives you far more options and way more tables. PLUS the new system runs video in the Back Glass and now  has a Colour video DMD display.

There is so much going for the Arcade Rewind Virtual Pinball  as it is all digital(with a little feedback) this means no more getting feed up playing ONLY one pinball table, no expensive/time consuming repairs and maintenance that stop you playing. You can just enjoy the choice of tables and spend your time playing the machine!


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Call us to discuss your new machine requirements 1300272233. Arcade Rewind 1300 Table Virtual Pinball "49 Screen for sale Sydney

Certainly not Game Over!

Game Over?

Not Quite …Arcade Machines Are Now More Popular Than Ever!

Remember when you were a kid trying to beat that top score on your favourite arcade game, or when you and your friends would spend hours competing against each other to gain the ultimate bragging rights? Well now you no longer need to reminisce as Arcade Machines are fast becoming an affordable item of choice for everyone’s Man Cave, Games room or Garage.   

Creating a fun environment with a vintage, retro, or modern look modern or simply a fun space for the kids is now easier than ever. There are a huge range of Arcade Machine designs to make this possible regardless of the space. Modern Arcade Machines use high quality low maintenance parts and come in all shapes and sizes to suit any space. High resolution screens provide great colour and viewing angles, so the whole room can see what you’re playing and interact. Designs range from the classic upright machine, coffee table styles, pinball styles, and many more unique designs. The machines vary from one-player, two-players or four-players. The Arcade Machines are packed with a tonne of your favourite games so your family and friends will never be bored with just playing the same game over and over.

So, how can you justify the reasons for purchasing your dream machine (or at the very least find reasons that will convince your partner it’s a great idea)? Well let’s start with the following; you can use it as a piggy bank; it can still be used as coffee table; used to aid stress relieve (pound those buttons!); you can stand up and play which is great for body posture; assists hand-eye coordination; settles arguments; family and friends can now interact with each other more; it will provide a constant source of entertainment for everyone; …or just because you can!

Browse our website, peruse the shop, pick through the games list and decide on your new addition!

Machine and Payment Update

Here at Arcade Rewind we are always striving to bring you the best of the best. The Best Machines at the Best prices.

Added to this we are always looking to strengthen our offering by adding new products and services.

This little news update is to highlight our new ZipPay offering in the Checkout and New Arcade Rewind 1169 Game Stand Up Virtual Pinball and Arcade Machine!

Please go Checkout the ZipPay page HERE

and our new 

Arcade Rewind 1169 Game Stand Up Virtual Pinball Arcade HERE